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360 Virtual Tours and Google Street View

Virtual tours and Google Street View are the way to go when it comes to local SEO and website traffic

360 Virtual Tours and Google Streetview

There are three types of website marketing methods out there, Facebook Ads, the classic SEO and Google Adwords are all good tools to market your website, if they are done right! There is chance that the company who manages these for you will not do it right and you will end up spending a lot of money and nothing to show. To make a long story short, what you buy are promises and expectations!

A case study has proven that Virtual Tours are more powerful to improve your local SEO than any of the above if you link your virtual tours too Google Streetview and your Google Business Page. You don’t need to be in a business sector, such as a lodge, where your clients need to see your place of business, rooms, facilities or the inside of your vehicles, you only need a few virtual tours to showcase the inside and outside of your business, and this will already improve your local search results.

As for the virtual tours on your website, people will want to spend time on your site to browse through the interactive world, as a result you will increase your site traffic and improve your website's SEO results.

Virtual tours are cost effective, if you consider that you only pay once and you will end up with a web based software that markets your website online, improves your local traffic, and it works offline (for the purpose of exhibitions, expos & shows, .etc) for ever - a VT is not something you pay for monthly and end up with nothing.

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