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We are Asylum, and we are Namibia's website design & development professionals! Let us have a look at your website needs, so that we can custom design and develop something for you from scratch - no matter what it is. Let us rehabilitate your business with a fresh web presence with limitless functionality and or virtual tour walk-throughs of your lodge or premises.

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Nadja Schnabel

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Carl-Heinz Benseler

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What we do?

We mainly specialize in website design and development and photography, but we also do Promotional Videos, Graphic designs, Logos & Stationary, Adverts Designs, ... everything that Multimedia has to offer.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves with each website, software or digital solution we craft, which is why we provide maintenance and support 24/7.

Responsive Layout

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

Bootstrap 4 Assisted

With the help of Bootstrap 4 we develop your user interface with the latest technology in the web industry.

HTML5 Semantic Markup

Document Outlining your webiste helps with the hierarchy of content and Google needs that.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

No third party CMS that needs constant updates to avoid attacks on your website. Security is key!

HTML5 Video

Embedding short impactful HTML5 video on your home page is the latest trend of bringing your website alive.

Google Analytics

Your CMS dashboard is linked to your Google Analytics and shows you the most important info and traffic.

Online Payments

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular in Namibia. Let your website do all the work and sell your products online.

Web-based Software

Interactive web based solutions for your business that can run on touch screens, tablets and mobile phones.

Interactive Google Maps

Beautifully styled and interactive maps to plot your branch locations and or itinerary directions and waypoints.

Full width designs

Depending on the content, we prefer utilizing the full width of the viewport of your screen. All the way up to 1080p.

Website Design

We are Namibia's professionals, delivering international standards in website design and development.

Virtual Tours

Completely responsive walkthrough software of your property, lodge or business that allows you to navigate to certain scenes and so much more. Read more

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