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360 Virtual Tour Service in Namibia

HDR Virtual Tours

HDR Virtual Tours
HDR Virtual Tours

These are our top of the range 360 virtual tours and are ideally suited for lodges or commercial properties who would like to showcase their location for the purpose of advertising or information.

Every 360 virtual tour scene consists of 7 photos, taken with a Canon DSLR mounted on a calibrated tripod to achieve seamless overlaps for all 7 photos. These 7 photos consist of 6 horizontal photos and one up, resulting in extremely high resolution 50 megapixel panoramas (10000px x 5000px), which are individually color graded to achieve a professional end product. When shooting Lodges, we strive to shoot the most important areas such as restaurant, swimming pool, rooms, ... etc., in sunrise or sunset when the sunlight provides the most dramatic and breathtaking light.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

21 photos to create a virtual tour scene
21 photos to create a virtual tour scene

Additionally every 7 photos are shot in 3 different exposures, called HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and allows your Virtual Tours to have the highest detail in dark and light areas of your scene. For example, if you have a room which is fairly dark with a view to the outside which is in direct sunlight, then we will be able to provide detail in both, outside and inside by blending the 3 photos - Over exposed for the darker areas, Underexposed for the bright areas and a Mid range exposure.

Once the post production for all 21 photos is done we add an extremely small mirror ball where the tripod is located and then the final panoramic scene is ready for the next step.

For Facebook

Posting virtual tours on Facebook
Posting virtual tours on Facebook

These final photos can also be used in Facebook by simply dragging it into a post, writing a catchy story about the location, tag the location and add a few #hashtags. Facebook will automatically recognize the photo's panoramic capabilities and create a 1 scene virtual tour for Facebook users to interact with. This is great for advertising and marketing a single scene.

Hot Spots in a virtual tour

Various hot spots
Various hot spots

The next step is to link all the individual scenes to create an interactive virtual tour that allows the user to navigate from one scene to the next, and back. This is done via hot spots, which can also be used in 4 different ways:

  • Open a textbox (i.e. describe an object within the scene)
  • Open a photograph (i.e. show a closeup of an object)
  • Open a Video or YouTube video (i.e. experience an object in action)
  • Link to another page or website (i.e. link to a more information)

HTML Software

The final virtual tour experience
The final virtual tour experience

After linking all the scenes and naming them according to where they are located (i.e. Luxury Room, Bathroom, Restaurant, ...) the virtual tour will be compiled into a responsive HTML5 software. This software has 4 different responsive breaks for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. These breaks are quite important, not only for the viewing on smaller screens, but also saving bandwidth on mobile phone users.

The compiled virtual tour now needs to be embedded into a HTML5 page which allows custom branding and direct linking to individual scenes within the virtual tour. This HTML page has a collapsible navigation which can be triggered by clicking the relevant icon. This navigation is automatically collapsed when opening the software on a mobile phone.

The final software can then be uploaded and hosted by any server as well as run locally. The local is very beneficial if you would like to run the virtual tours on a touch screen at a show or promotion without needing any internet connectivity.

Should you need a virtual tour for your business, then contact us with an estimated scene count of your business and where the business is located and we will prepare a quote for you in no time.


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