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Collexia Beyond Payments

Collexia Beyond Payments
29 November 2022

Collexia is live! What a fun design to work on.

Traditionally websites have a horizontal navigation, but this comes with the drawback of having limited space for the needed navigation. It is the responsibility of the designer to get as much information to get a good feeling of how big the navigation might be, and in this case it was just a little more than usual.

The client handed me a few brochures and a corporate profile, which both had Dunes and the Hexagon shapes in the design. Which is exactly why i used these in the website design:

  • The hexagon graphics as frames for the people profile pictures, news and info-graphics.
  • The Dunes with the parallax filling the white space for a seamless full-viewport page design and a sense of depth. 

This full-viewport design pushed the content area into a manageable with which makes text much more legible and the 16:9 images scale quite perfectly.

As for the client, well, they were awesome! Friendly and understandable when it came to more information I needed to "fill" the website with ... yes, content. 😃

All in all, I really love how this turned out! I am looking forward to expand the website with upcoming additions!


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