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Copper & Coal Distillery Namibia

Copper & Coal Distillery Namibia
Copper & Coal Distillery Namibia
Copper & Coal Distillery Namibia
05 May 2021

If you are 18 and above and you love Namibian Crafted Gins and Vodkas then you should take a moment and have a gander at our latest website ... and its products, obviously!

This site comes with a fully functional shopping cart that allows you to set up an order with Copper & Coal Distillery Namibia, no matter if you are an Individual or a Supplier. The shopping cart will magically calculate the discounts on certain items if they are bought in bulk, well, its not really magic, its just developer mastery... But I digress - the website also has a membership based service called the Copper Craft Club where you receive beautifully packaged and branded gift baskets of Namibian products every 2 months. On top of that they also have services such as online application forms for Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Cards, Corporate Gifts ... etc.

If you are an esteemed website designer, then there are some design elements worth checking out - especially the vertical lines that connect the headers of the content with the end of the content (if that makes sense), also the randomly generated gallery images that tease the visitor with a fresh set of 10 images every time the page is reloaded or changed and last but not least the subtle watermark images behind most headings that are also randomly generated.
What can I say, I'm proud of my Asylum team in rehabilitating yet another website!


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