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Deepcatch Holdings Namibia

Deepcatch Namibia Holdings
Deepcatch Namibia Holdings
Deepcatch Holdings Namibia
17 August 2022

We design and developed the Deepcatch Namibia Holdings website and with it came a complex interlinking concept where the client will be maintaining all the news and contact details from one website. Deepcatch Namibia Holdings consists of numerous companies spread over 5 divisions which in return will become a nightmare to maintain all the news and contact details throughout all the websites, which is why we prepared the Deepcatch Namibia Holdings website to act as a hub for all the other websites. Traditionally the client would need to log into each and every CMS to change the contact details and maintaining their news, but with this interlinking they will only need to do this once. We are looking forward to the next project with Deepcatch Namibia Holdings.


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