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NamPower Virtual Tour

NamPower Virtual Tour
NamPower Virtual Tour
NamPower Virtual Tour
30 July 2021

NamPower Anixas II Power Station Walvis Bay

The Coronavirus pandemic brough a lot of challenges for businesses as movement was restricted, travel was banned - thus companies could not operate businesses as usual anymore.  Which is why we were contracted to create a virtual tour for NamPower which allows prospective bidders to walk around the NamPower site on which the future Anixas II power station is planned and interactively find out more about the site and Project requirements. This site is also home to the existing Anixas power station and the now decommissioned Paratus power stations.

This responsive 66 scene virtual tour walk through takes the user through all the most important areas, which are usually quite difficult to reach and or take time and planning to visit, from the comfort of their home or office. With about 30 hot-spots ranging from simple text, images, and photoshopped infographics that pop up when interacting with them, the virtual tour isn't just visually interactive, but also informative. On top of that we added custom graphics over certain areas which aided in the illustration of i.e. structures to be demolished, the passing of certain lines ... etc.

Due to the sensitivity of information we will not be able to demo or show much more than what you see here now.


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