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Oshakati Premier Electric

Oshakati Premier Electric
Oshakati Premier Electric
Oshakati Premier Electric
30 October 2020
After a few months of web based software development we finally launched the website for Oshakati Premiere Electric. Its actually our first take at a progressive web app, which basically eliminates the overall need for an actual app! To see these app like features, you will need to launch the site on your mobile phone.

In addition this website is packed with features, such as the Report It functionality, where the user can report a fault by taking and uploading a photo as well as allowing location services to pin where the photo was taken i.e. if there is an electrical hazard, one will be able to send the details to OPE.

Find a vendor which filters the table of vendors according to your location. It also shows you a google map with your location along with a radius where the closest vendors are.

Users can also Request a Call Out to their residence with the help of location services.

All of these functions are available to non-registered users, but so much easier and quicker to use once the user is registered, as all of the user details are pre-populated in the forms.
Once the user is registered they can also add their accounts and prepaid meters. This allows the user to request a call out to the location of a saved prepaid meter. And in the near future the user will be able to buy electricity from the website and choose the meter they would like to top up.

There is also an online chat available to registered users, which we designed and developed to ask questions, send photos, links and documents to an OPE representative.

Registered users also get notifications of scheduled power outages, when an account or prepaid meter is approved, when they have a new message in chat ... etc.

If you are an OPE customer, you should consider registering on the website and using all these tools.


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