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Ugab Game Farm and Lodge

Ugab Game Farm and Lodge
Ugab Game Farm and Lodge
Ugab Game Farm and Lodge
01 January 2023

In November 2022 Ugab Game Farm and Lodge contracted us to design and develop their website. The lodge was newly established and partially still in construction, thus all we had to work with was a logo, but in the shortest time we planned a trip to the beautiful Damaraland and within a week we shot all the photography, virtual tours, time lapses, drone footage, ... etc. seen on the website. This visit was all we needed to inspire us with the design of the website.

This week was so action packed, filled with game drives early in the morning and late in the afternoon, seeing antelope species I didn't know existed, directing a bunch or tourists who we borrowed from a nearby lodge to model for the photos and drives, making fires and the typical early mornings for the Golden hour photos, also known as the "Money Shots"! :D

That was a busy week and I think it definitely payed off. Again, thank you for a great week and for the opportunity to let us show what Asylum is capable of.

I think we ended up with a stunning product with a ton of variety in media and interactivity.


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